Production-Now FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to join Production-Now?

A. Production-Now (including the Blog, Wiki, and Forum) are all still FREE to join. We can't guarantee that it will stay that way, but for now: join up because it's not going to cost you a cent.

Q. How can I join Production-Now?

A. Currently you can join our Wiki or our Forum (or both!). You do not have to join anything to view our Blog. At this point in time these services are not connected, so you can join if you want to contribute to the Wiki or view the Forums; however, this means that you have sign up for them individually when you visit that part of Production-Now.

Q. Who is Production-Now?

A. Production-Now is a growing group of filmmakers, media professionals, video enthusiasts, and people who like to dabble in various aspects of media. Luke Holzmann founded Production-Now as a Blog back in June of 2005. The information he posted on the original Produciton-Now Blog has since been moved to the Production-Now Wiki, and he now uses the Production-Now Blog as a way of discussing the things he is currently thinking about and doing in media.

Let us know what other questions you may have.

~The Production-Now Team


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