Software You Didn't Know You Had

(or could get free)

When I grew up computer editing software cost hundreds of dollars and didn't work very well. I only used my first editing program twice because I couldn't get anything off my computer after I had edited my movie. This was long before the days of video websites; even dial-up was still very new.

Today, any computer you buy has video editing software already installed on your machine. What's more, if you don't like the pre-installed stuff, you can download other free programs to try as well.

And it's not just video programs either. In the days of Paint I couldn't imagine a program like Photoshop that offered Layers and Masks. Today, you can download a similar program for free.

Naturally, we don't have space to list every useful free program in this article, but we do have up-to-date links to all of our favorite free software available on our Production-Now Forum. But for those of you members merely interested in trying this stuff out, check out

Windows Movie Maker (PC)

iMovie (Mac)

There are also some very basic free montage programs built right into your web browser at and

Once you are fed up with the severe limitations these programs have you'll have to shell out some money. However, you will save thousands of dollars just by downloading the free software suggested on our Forum. That's not to mention the reviews, demos, and walk-throughs we have at

The reality is that anyone can make movies at home on their personal computer. This is a luxury that wasn't there ten years ago. Unfortunately, because everyone can make videos there is a whole lot of terrible looking stuff out there today. Future E-Notes will have tips, tricks and suggestions for how you can make movies that are far better than the thousands of others who post videos on the web.

Tip of the Month: If you want to find Freeware online add GNU to your search.


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